I have a design I would like to make/buy, but it's not on your store.

Contact us.  Our designers are able to accommodate custom designs.  If you have a design you'd like to be made, or if you'd like help creating a design, we can help.


Where do products ship to?

Almost all of our products ship worldwide.  We are unable to calculate precise shipping costs for each order at this time.  Therefore, we have a simple policy of $9.95 for shipping on orders less than $100, and shipping is FREE for orders exceeding $100.  This policy applies to all orders, no matter where in the world you are. In the future, we hope to calculate precise shipping costs for each specific customer.


I'd like to order in bulk.  Can I receive a reduced price?

It depends on the product.  If you'd like to place a bulk order, please contact us so we can discuss reduced pricing and logistics.  We are happy to work with you.


Do you have any kind of affiliation with the cryptocurrencies that appear on your merchandise?

No.  General Crypto Store is completely independent and not affiliated with the coins sometimes featured on our store.  All designs relating to cryptocurrencies have been sourced from public domain assets, and internally altered before being featured on a product.  

We are not endorsed by, or affiliated with, any digital coin or their respective entities.


I ordered a custom, made-to-order product.  Can I cancel it and have  a refund?

Unfortunately, no.  All of our made-to-order products are made through a laborious and time consuming process that cannot be stopped.  Once we receive payment for your order, production will begin within 48 hours and there is no going back. You will not receive a refund once production has begun.  If you wish to cancel your order anyways, please contact us.


I have a question, how do I ask?

Feel free to ask us at info@generalcryptostore.com