Crypto Smart Ring

  • $99.00

The world's first crypto-focused smart ring is here.  Use it to share your BTC address (or any other information) effortlessly.  Accepting a payment from a friend or customer?  Simply tap the back of their NFC enabled smart phone to have your public address automatically entered into their phone.  No more waiting to open apps and find the right QR code, or worse, copying and pasting long addresses.

Tap. Send. Done. 

Not only do these rings look great, they are also:

  • light weight
  • comfortable
  • waterproof
  • durable
  • powerless; no charging necessary

In addition to storing your crypto address info, the ring can also store your business card info, replace access cards, and automate tasks on your smartphone (like unlocking without a code or fingerprint!).

Once you receive your ring, download any NFC writing-capable app (Android apps can read and write, iOS apps can only read) and follow prompts to easily set up your ring in less than 2 minutes.  Although the rings are 100% secure, we recommend only storing your public addresses.

If the sender's phone already has a wallet, such as, tapping the back of the phone with your ring will automatically trigger the phone to open the wallet with the receiver's address (your address) entered.  If their phone does not already have a wallet on it, a simple dialog window will open with your address, which can be copied by the sender.

**PLEASE include your ring size in the order notes, or we cannot process your order. If you don't know your size, visit a jeweler or refer to the sizing guide in the images section.

This item takes 2-3 weeks to arrive.

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